Clinical Servicesstethoscope

The Practice provides management of care to all our patients who are ill or believe themselves to be ill, with conditions from which recovery is generally expected,  for the duration of that condition, including relevant health promotion advice and referral as appropriate, reflecting patient choice wherever practicable.  General management of patients who are terminally ill.  

The Practice also provides management of care to those patients who suffer from a Chronic Disease, in consultation with the patient.  This will also include:

  • The Care and Management of Stroke or Transient Ischaemic Attack
  • Cancer Care
  • Hypothyroidism
  • Mental Health
  • Epilepsy.  

Minor Surgery

We have facilities for minor operations in the treatment room. Please speak to a Doctor if you feel you may need this service. 


Full contraceptive services are available which include emergency contraception, giving advice about emergency contraception and where appropriate, the supplying or prescribing of emergency contraception.

Please note: we can now offer coil fittings but you will need to see a Doctor first.

Specialised Clinical Services

The Practice believes that prevention is better than cure and is pleased to offer a wide range of Health Promotion Clinics tailored to meet our patient’s needs.

Asthma Clinic

Review and monitoring is offered to those patients who suffer from Asthma.   The Clinic supports patients in the management of their condition.

COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) Clinic

Provides support to patients who suffer Respiratory Problems such as Chronic Bronchitis and Emphysema.  The Clinic provides patients with regular review of their condition, measurement of respiratory flow, smoking advice and an assessment of treatment.

Diabetes Clinic

Review and monitoring is offered for those patients who suffer from Diabetes, both Insulin and Non-Insulin Dependant.  The Clinic supports patients in the management of their condition together with advice on lifestyle, diet, weight and glucose testing.

Hypertension and CHD (Coronary Heart Disease) Clinics

Provides support to those patients who suffer with High Blood Pressure and Heart Problems.  These Clinics provide support to patients in the management of their condition, regular monitoring and testing, advice, diet and healthy lifestyle.

Leg Ulcer Clinic

The Clinic runs in conjunction with the Community Nurses and includes dressing, advice and support.

Baby Vaccination and Immunisation

These Clinics provide valuable inoculation against disease to babies and children under the age of five.

Flu and Pneumonia Vaccinations

Flu vaccination is recommended for patients aged 65 and over or those who suffer with a Chronic Disease including Diabetes, Heart, Kidney or Liver problems, are Immuno-Suppressed , have Sickle Cell Disease or Absent Spleen.  Clinics run from October onwards.  

Pneumonia vaccination is recommended for patients aged 80 years and over or those with a chronic disease.  The vaccine can be given at any time of year and is effective for at least six years.

Smoking Cessation

The Practice offers an in-house Smoke Stop Clinic where support is given on a one to one basis.  We can also refer patients to locally provided Smoke Stop group sessions and support.

Laboratory Specimens

If you are asked to hand in a specimen, please ensure that we receive it by 11am (in the correct container, obtained from the Surgery, marked with name, date of birth and date of sample).  Similarly, if you need a blood test please make a morning appointment.

Test Results

It may be necessary for you to have an x-ray or some other test, e.g. blood or urine, which is sent to the hospital laboratory for testing. If this occurs please ring after 2:00pm or call at the surgery a week later for the result; remember it is your responsibility to ring for results. Please remember the following points:

  1. Results will only be given to the specific patient to whom they apply.  In the interest of confidentiality please be prepared to identify yourself.
  2. Please telephone after 11:30am at a time when the receptionist will have more time to deal with your enquiry.  Checking results can be time consuming so is not possible during a busy morning.
  3. Please do not expect the reception staff to have any medical knowledge.  They are instructed only to tell you if your test is normal.  If the test is abnormal or you require further discussion or interpretation then please refer to your Doctor.